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Our Services

From Design, to Print, to Production, to Packaging. Mallen Print have the complete solution for you!

Digital Printing

Digital printing became available in the 1990’s and has evolved rapidly. With its high quality similar to that of the more traditional litho printing it is increasingly finding itself the preferred choice due to its flexible nature, ability to customise each printed item, and lower running costs for smaller print runs.

Our HP Indigo digital presses utilise liquid inks and an offset blanket to transfer ink to paper, offering the highest quality, versatility and adaptability in the marketplace. Removing the need for films or plates to be created for your labels or packaging results in less set-up time which means a shorter lead-time and faster delivery!

In-House Finishing

In addition to our diverse printing capabilities, we also have all the necessary machinery and skills in-house to finish your print jobs ourselves.  This is a huge commercial advantage as we do not rely on the contribution of any external third parties to get your work finished and on it's way to you.

With Die Cutting, Creasing, Spot UV, Embossing, Folding, Gluing, Guillotining, Collating and Saddle Stitch Finishing services available we have the complete solution from design, to print, to package available.  Give us a call today to discuss your requirements further.